Graviton M1 2.0 Software Update is here

Experience a beautiful UI facelift with brilliant colors, powerful new features, enhanced control, and extensive customization options that make the Graviton M1 truly yours.


  • Brand new Block Editor: Offers an overview of your rig (up to 16 MIDI messages / pedals per preset), in addition to the classic Grid Editor.
  • Customizable MIDI Channels: Each MIDI channel has its own name and color, useful for mirroring the pedal it controls.
  • Parameter Naming: Add names to MIDI parameters with one tap, no more remembering abstract numbers.
  • Smart Tracking: Displays up-to-date status of all your pedals / channels on one screen with a smart filtering algorithm.
  • Slider Touch Control: Parameters like CC values can now be displayed as sliders and adjusted on the fly by touch.
  • Increased the number of MIDI messages per preset from 6 to 16.
  • Added the ability to include Expression MIDI Messages in MIDI Presets (per preset), while Expression Presets still function globally.
  • Simplified CC/PC Scroll MIDI messages: Select an adjustment step and you're done, no more counters needed.
  • Improved keyboard with larger keys and an enhanced layout.
  • Keyboard / keypad / menus will change their background color to match with the pedal / channel they are editting.
  • Improved readability of smaller text.
  • General bug fixes and stability improvements.

User Manual:

Luminite Graviton M1 User Manual 2.0

How to Update:

Notice: This 2.0 Software Update includes a new and improved file system. Unlike previous updates where you could simply go to Settings > Update, this update requires additional steps to preserve your data (saved presets, settings, etc.).

If you don't need to retain your data and prefer to start fresh, simply perform Step 2 (Update software) and Step 4 (pair XY Controller). Future software updates will only require Step 2, as everything will be automatically carried over as before.

Step 1: Export User Data to Computer

  • Go to Settings > Data > Backup > Tap on an empty slot > Save.
  • Tap on the saved Backup > Import / Export > Follow the on-screen instructions > Save the backup file to your computer.

Step 2: Update Graviton M1 to 2.0 Software

  • Go to Settings > Update >  Follow the on-screen instructions > Done.
  • The update process typically takes 1-2 minutes. If the Graviton M1 hangs up or becomes unresponsive during the update, simply power cycle the device and try again.

Step 3: Import User Data back to Graviton M1

  • Go to Settings > Data > Backup > Tap on an empty slot > Import.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions > Select the exported file on your computer > Import.
  • Tap on the recently imported backup > Load.

Step 4: Pair your XY Controller again

  • Go to Settings > XY > Pair.
  • Tap on an empty slot > Follow the on-screen instructions.


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