Graviton M1 / M2 4.2.0 Software Update

New Features:

  • Toggling with Auto-Reset: Always reset back to On when switching away. And only start toggling On / Off after the first tap.  
  • Quick Block and List Layout: switching from within MIDI Editor.
  • Custom USB Device Name: Useful for multiple Graviton M1/M2 setup connecting over an USB Hub. 
  • Swap Labels: Swap all Labels between Channels with one tap. 
  • Show Labels Only: View important parameters only.
  • Rapid Tapping: (Settings > TRS > Type) faster wired footswitches reading at slightly slower display update. 
  • Reset Settings and Reset All: Useful for fixing some bugs.  

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Channel 16 Labels bug, may need manual Labels swapping from user (from Channel N to Channel N-1)
  • Fixed: List Layout for MIDI Tracking screen.

User Manual:

Luminite Graviton M1 / M2 User Manual 4.2.0

How to Update:

  • Go to Settings > Update >  Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The update process typically takes 2-3 minutes. If it hangs up or takes longer than that, tap cancel or power cycle the device and try again.
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