Software Update 3.0 is here

Experience a beautiful UI facelift with brilliant colors, powerful new features, enhanced control, and extensive customization options that make the Graviton M1 truly yours.

    • ​​Designed for both pro-pedalboards and recording studios. 
    • Effortless MIDI programming on the large 3.5 inches touchscreen LCD. No PC editor needed.
    • Controllable by Luminite XY/EC Controllers / F Series Footswitch.
    • Built-in Bluetooth LE MIDI, works seamlessly with CME WIDI devices.
    • Connect up to 2 footswitch / expression pedals over TRS Jacks, 10 Luminite wireless footswitch pedals and 10 XY Controllers, all can work together at the same time.
    • Preset Mode and Setlist Mode.
    • 120 Presets / 12 Banks.
    • 120 Songs / 120 Setlists.
    • 120 SysEx Messages.
    • 10 Expression Presets.
    • 10 Backups (120 Banks / 1200 Presets / Songs / Setlists / SysEx, 100 Expression Presets in total).
    • 16 x MIDI Messages per Preset / Expression Preset. Unlimited Presets chaining. 
    • Send Program Change, Control Change, Note On / Off, Scrolling PC / CC, SysEx, MIDI Clock / Start / Stop / Continue, Tap Tempo, Expression CC / PC / Clock BPM, Expression Toe / Heel Down triggered Preset, Preset triggered Expression etc.
    • Build in SysEx Library / Editor.
    • Build in User Manual.
    • Controllable by other MIDI Controllers.
    • MIDI In / Out / Through / Clock routing.
    • Standard 5-pin MIDI In and Out.
    • 2 x 1/4 inch MIDI over TRS. (4 modes: Type A, Type B, Tip Active, Ring Active)
    • 1/8 inch MIDI over TRS (4 modes: Type A, Type B, Tip Active, Type B*)
    • USB MIDI (Bus Powered). 
    • USB Host MIDI (can power other devices).
    • Bluetooth LE MIDI.
    • Import / Export user data over WiFi.
    • Over-The-Air Software Update over WiFi.

Graviton M1 is the next-generation MIDI controller pedal designed for guitarists and bassists who want to incorporate the full power of MIDI into their live or studio rigs with total wireless freedom, effortless usability, compatibility and expandability in an ultra compact package.

Total Wireless Freedom

Graviton M1 can wirelessly pair with up to 10 guitar-mounted XY/EC Controllers and 10 F10W/F6W wireless footswitch pedals (sold separately), each individually configured and functioning simultaneously, offering unmatched expandability and versatility.

Graviton M1 can also work with wired F10 and F6 footswitch pedals via its TRS jacks.

Effortless Usability

Built-in MIDI Editor

Graviton M1 comes with built-in MIDI Editor, utilizing its large 3.5-inch touchscreen LCD, which makes MIDI programming a breeze and eliminates the need for connecting to a PC editor. Its user-friendly interface allows for quick and easy changes both on and off stage, as all changes made on screen are automatically saved. It also supports a wide range of MIDI messages and useful software features.

Smart Tracking & Slider Controls

Smart Tracking: Displays up-to-date status of all your pedals / channels on one screen with a smart filtering algorithm.

Slider Touch Control: CC values can be displayed as sliders and adjusted on the fly by touch.

MIDI Parameters Naming

Add names to MIDI parameters like PC / CC Number or Note with one tap, no more remembering abstract numbers.

Block Mode & Grid Mode

The built-in MIDI Editor can be switched between two modes: Block Mode, which offers more on-screen information and features, and Grid Mode, which provides simplicity.

Preset Mode

Assign XY Controller switches to presets for instant recall or actions like bank switching. With 12 banks containing 10 presets each, there are 120 presets in total.

Setlist Mode

Organize up to 10 Presets into a Song and up to 10 Songs into a Setlist (totaling 120 Songs and 120 Setlists), and scroll through them while playing.

Live Screen

Large, clear text, minimal distractions. Ideal for live performance.

SysEx Library / Editor

SysEx programming on Graviton M1 made easy with built-in editor and library.

Build-in User Manual

Conveniently accessible anytime.

Compatibility / Expandability

MIDI Interfaces

Send MIDI to six devices at once over four different MIDI interfaces, no adapters needed:

  • 1 x Standard MIDI.
  • 3 x MIDI over TRS (2 x 1/4" and 1 x 1/8" jacks): each configurable with four output modes, compatible with all TRS MIDI devices.
  • 1 x USB MIDI: switchable between Device and Host mode, compatible with all USB Class Compliant devices.
  • 1 x Bluetooth LE MIDI: compatible with all BLE MIDI devices like Apple MacBooks, iPhones, iPads.

MIDI Input can be used for MIDI Through or controlling Graviton M1 with MIDI messages from other devices.

Footswitch Pedals

Graviton M1 can auto-detect and work with any footswitch pedal with its "Learn" function. Up to two footswitch pedals can be connected, with up to 10 switches each, for a total of 20 programmable switches.

Or use our Luminite F Series footswitch pedal for an easy plug-and-play option.

Expression Pedals Support

Graviton M1 can auto-detect and work with any expression pedal with its "Calibrate" function, with any potentiometer value and polarity. Up to two expression pedals can be connected and assigned to one of ten expression presets, with each pedal controlling up to six MIDI parameters at once, globally or per preset.

XY Controllers

Graviton M1 can pair with up to ten XY Controllers simultaneously, allowing for multiple instruments with their own controllers. It can also be operated using its touchscreen alone.

Ultra Compact Footprint


Graviton M1 is smaller than an overdrive pedal, with the full control of a large 10-switch MIDI controller, saving tons of pedalboard space and weight.

Compact Multi-Effects Rigs

Maximize the potential of small yet powerful multi-effects pedals like Line6 Stomp HX, IK ToneX, Boss GT1000CORE, Headrush MX5, Zoom MS Series and more. With Graviton M1, they can rival or exceed the full-size multi-effects control and usability.

Laptop Rigs

Graviton M1 can turn your computer, running software like Neural DSP, Helix Native, Amplitube, Mainstage, and others, into a powerful gigging machine using only one USB cable for power and MIDI (or Bluetooth MIDI wirelessly). With Graviton M1 on stage, your laptop can remain safely tucked away.

iOS Rigs

Graviton M1 is compatible with iPhones and iPads running software such as Bias FX, ToneX, Amplitube, etc., and can be used with Bluetooth MIDI (while the Lightning port is connected to the audio interface) to create a powerful, gig-ready, and portable rig.

Amp Modellers

Graviton M1 is an ideal extension for digital amp modellers like Kemper Profiler, Boss Katana, or Yamaha THR series, offering complete MIDI control and on-stage LCD information display.

  • On the back

    • 9VDC: Power Adapter in (9V center-negative, 250mA minimum).
    • TRS 1 and TRS 2: MIDI out or footswitch / expression pedals in with 1/4-inch (6.35mm) stereo cables
    • TRS 3: MIDI out with 1/8-inch (3.5mm) stereo cable.
    • USB: MIDI communication with computers using Type-C cable (can be USB bus powered).
    • USB Host: MIDI communication with other USB MIDI devices (can power other devices with up to 500mA, or charge XY Controller).
  • On the side

    • MIDI In: With standard MIDI cable. 
    • MIDI Out: With standard MIDI cable. 
    • Reset: Factory reset.
  • Graviton M1

    • LCD Size: 3.5 inches.
    • LCD Type: IPS Panel, Wide Viewing Angle, Sunlight Readable.
    • LCD Touch Panel: Capacitive Touch.
    • Power Input: 9VDC center negative / USB Type C. 
    • Power Consumption: 9V@250mA (9VDC Input) or 5V@350mA (USB Bus Powered)
    • Power other devices via USB Host: 5V@500mA max. 
    • Premium Brushed Stainless Steel Finish.
    • Width x Depth x Height: 3.74" x 3" x 1.38" (95mm x 76mm x 35mm).
    • Weight: 9oz (250g).
  • XY Controller

    • Wireless Range: 650ft (200m).
    • Wireless Frequency: 2.4Ghz
    • Switches lifetime: 100,000 clicks.
    • Latency: 60ms.

    • Power Input: USB Type-C.
    • Charging Time: 1 hour.
    • Battery Life: 6 months.
    • Width x Depth x Height: 2" x 0.88" x 0.51" (53mm x 22.4mm x 13mm).
    • Weight: 0.38oz (11g).
    • 1 x Luminite Graviton M1 MIDI Controller.
    • 1 x Luminite XY Controller.
    • 1 x USB Type-C Cable.
    • Spare nano pads.

User Interface