Graviton M1 / M2 4.4.0 Software Update

New Features:

In comparison to version 4.2.0:

  • New Feature: Programmable 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Hold, Double Tap, Release Action for every XY/EC button and footswitch (can be used at the same time for 6 Actions per switch).
  • New Feature: USB Keyboard Mode: Control your Computer / DAW / iOS devices over USB.
  • New Message: Keystroke with full special keys sets and up to 4 modifiers at once (Shift, Control, Alt/Option, Windows/Command).
  • New Feature: TRS Jack Mode: Switch Out: For switching low voltage pedals (5V or less) over AUX Jacks.
  • New feature: Silent Mode for Presets: send Presets without updating the screen (MIDI Editor / Live).
  • Playing Song Screen: Block and List layout, Toggle LEDs and current Setlist number added. 
  • Song +/- Action: Jump to the next Setlist after the last Song was reached.
  • Bluetooth Settings: Advertising On/Off and Custom Name
  • Virtual LEDs for Presets On / Off state: Improved visual feedback.
  • Live View: Customize display information, additional BPM, Song, Setlist options.
  • Live View: EC Controllers and Expression Pedals real time value feedback.
  • MIDI Editor: Toggle Value/Slider and Grayscale display mode directly in the menu.
  • New Action: Encoder Click: XY Switches and Footswitch presses can function as clicks from EC Controllers.
  • New Action: Bank Toggle: Jump between the current bank and a Bank of your choice
  • New Action: Bank A/B: Jump betwen two Banks of your choice.
  • New Action: Shortcut > Live / Preset Library: Switch to Live and Preset Library with one button press.
  • New Action: Change LCD Brightness: With button presses.
  • New Message: Clock + and Clock -: nudge BPM up and down by a set amount.
  • New Message: Set Toggle: Set the On / Off State of a target Preset.
  • New Message: Counter CC and Counter PC Send: Send the current counter value only
  • EC Controller Knobs: Set Increase / Decrease Adjustment independent from the rotating direction.
  • Encoder Message: Can change Counter CC and Counter PC.
  • Encoder Message: Can change MIDI Clock.
  • Keyboard: Improved layout with a full set of special characters.
  • Footswitch: Sensivity setting from within Footswitch Pedals Screen.
  • MIDI In: Incoming USB MIDI Messages can be used to trigger Preset / Action.
  • Software Update: Update to Beta and Stable Channel 
  • Slightly faster UI speed.

     Bug Fixes

    • Fixed: Tap Tempo: always start from 40 BPM.
    • Fixed: Preset Mode / Setlist Mode: less confusing.
    • Fixed: # (sharp) display for Note messages.  
    • Decpreciated: Last Sent messages. Use MIDI Tracking instead. 
    • Decpreciated: Toggling Auto-Reset. Use Set Toggle Message instead.
    • Name Change: Scrolling CC/PC to Counter CC/PC.
    • Numerous bug fixes and UI improvements.

    How to Update / Rollback:

    • Go to Settings > Update / Rollback > Follow the on-screen instructions.
    • You can switch between Beta and the last Stable Release anytime without loosing programmed data.
    • It's recommended to stay on the Stable Release for gigging.

    User Manual:

    Luminite Graviton M1 / M2 User Manual 4.4.0





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