Add a new Relay and Control Voltage Port to your Graviton M1, or add additional Relay and Control Voltage Ports to your Graviton M2. This adapter features an ultra-compact size, requires no external power for the Relay Port, and bomb-proof stainless steel enclosure.


  • Relay Port: Control two individual Amp Channels Switching or Pedal’s Footswitch Inputs (Tip and Ring). Normal, Toggling or Momentary Mode. Eliminate ground loop completely with up to 400V of isolation. Silent solid state relays (no clicking). No external power needed.

  • Control Voltage Port: Control two individual Expression or Control Voltage Inputs (Tip and Ring). Selectable range of 0-5V or 0-3.3V DC. Compatible with EC Controllers for wireless expression control. Requires 9VDC Input.

  • Ultra Compact Size: Can be hidden under pedalboards.

  • Stainless Steel Enclosure: Heavy duty construction.
  • Technical Specifications

    • Relay Port: 2 x normally open, single pole single throw solid state relays (Tip and Ring). Control up to 400V DC or AC voltage, 130mA loads.
    • Control Voltage: 2 x DC outputs (Tip and Ring). Selectable voltage range: 0 to 5V or 0 to 3.3V. Low ripple and fast response time.
    • Power Input: 9VDC.
    • Width x Depth x Height: 2.09" x 2.76" x 0.98" (53mm x 70mm x 25mm).
    • Weight: 4.59oz (130g).