XY Controllers can be wirelessly paired with Graviton Series Pedals. They can be attached to your instruments with nano pads on the bottom. These pads work like geckos' feet without any adhesives, remaining sticky after being attached and removed multiple times, and are safe for all kinds of guitar finishes.

Each XY Controller feature two 5-way directional switches, providing a total of 10 switches that can be fully programmed for tasks such as sending MIDI, switching banks, and more. The intuitive design of the XY Controllers allows for easy and hands-free operation, similar to using a pickup selector switch. This eliminates the need for tap dancing and allows you to move freely on stage while performing.


  • Fully programmable: With 10 switches that can be assigned to send MIDI, switch banks or songs, and more.
  • Simple operation: No need to wait for pairing before playing, no turning on and off— it always works the moment you need it.
  • Low-profile design: Minimizes changes to the instrument's look and playability (compatible with whammy bars).
  • Advanced wireless: 650ft (200m) range; encrypted signal; strong interference resistance.
  • Ultra-long battery life: 1 month per charge.
  • Tactile, silent, and reliable switches: Rated for 100,000 clicks.


Graviton pedals can pair with up to ten XY Controllers simultaneously, allowing for multiple instruments with their own controllers.

  • Technical Specifications

    • Wireless Range: 650ft (200m).
    • Wireless Frequency: 2.4Ghz
    • Switches lifetime: 100,000 clicks.
    • Latency: 60ms.
    • Power Input: USB Type-C.
    • Charging Time: 1 hour.
    • Battery Life: 1 month.
    • Width x Depth x Height: 2" x 0.88" x 0.51" (53mm x 22.4mm x 13mm).
    • Weight: 0.35oz (10g).
  • What's Included

    • Luminite XY Controller
    • Spare nano pads.